Fly Away With P.I. Butterfly!

In a world where family pets, prized possessions, and even star students go missing, P.I. Butterfly is on a mission to uncover the truth.

P.I.B. is more than your ordinary private investigator. She approaches every case with curiosity and heart. She not only wants to know what happened, but why it happened. Her goal is to help her family, friends, and community, making the world a place in which truth and fairness alway prevail!

So fly away with P.I. Butterfly, a precocious, spunky investigator of mysteries who always flutters to the truth!

An ordinary girl who approaches the world in an extraordinary way, P.I. Butterfly’s outlandish whodunits will keep readers guessing and laughing … all the way to every outlandish surprise ending!

P.I. Butterfly books and mini-mystery games not only entertain, but also help develop:
Problem-solving skills
Observation skills
Analytical and critical thinking

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